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Lift Partner Interview: Cook eFoiling


Matt Cooke started Cook eFoiling a few years ago, and brings an amazing energy to teaching eFoiling that we love to see. Learn more about Matt and Cook eFoiling in our new video.

Tell us about you and the eFoil team in California!
In the first month of running this business, I probably saw more of Lake Tahoe than I had seen in my almost 3 decades of living here before then!
I’m always looking at maps. I’m always exploring. I get to take my customers to these incredible spots that took me 30 years to find.

What excites you about eFoiling?
Living here has been so rewarding and life changing because I can just put the eFoil on my truck and pull up anywhere I want on the lake and I’m out in it, in the granite boulders, in the crystal clear water.

There are moments when you get into that flow state, when everything else pulls away. The wind is blowing on you and you’ve never really heard just the wind blowing on your face before. You’re always hearing the splash, or you’re always hearing the dirt you’re going through, the road you’re on, or the snow.

But when you get up in the air on an eFoil, it’s just you, flying in silence, and it’s unbelievable.

What regions do you work out of and what services do you offer?
California’s a pretty big state that covers an area roughly 164,000mi2. Bordered by the Atlantic to the East and Nevada to the West, California is rugged country at its best as you move further inland.

This is where you’ll find Lake Tahoe and Donner Lake, home to adventurers and adrenaline seekers who prefer the great outdoors and extreme water sports. I grew up in a little town here called Truckee, and that’s where Cook eFoiling is based.

We offer sales and lessons to individuals, groups, and company events.

What should new riders know about eFoiling?
eFoiling is a very unique and remarkable experience. It has the smoothness of powder skiing, the acceleration and lean-over of riding a motorcycle, and the freedom of flying.

It’s electric and it’s silent. You take off above the water and it’s like… Nirvana. Zen.

eFoiling is so much easier than most people think it is, and it’s great for just about any age group. We’ve had efoilers here who are teens and who are seniors - even the first-timers - and they’ve really taken to the sport and loved it.

Most of our clients are able to ride “on foil” (board out of the water) by the end of their first lesson - at least for a short period of time. For those who have done this before or have a more athletic background and balance, your first lesson should be a blast.

Where do lessons take place and how are they structured?
Cook eFoiling is a mobile operation. We conduct lessons from any private beach, dock, or boat on Lake Tahoe and Donner Lake in the Truckee region. For those starting out from the beach area, we can organize an ideal public location to meet up for the lesson.

We bring everything you need to the lessons, including wetsuits, helmets, foils, and life jackets. All you need to bring is swimwear and a towel.
We give you dry land training so you know what to expect on the water. We then get you out on the water, on the board.

Using communication headsets, we guide you through basic riding and bailing techniques. We’re in your ear, talking to you the whole time with the headsets. We get you up to your feet and then we let you take off.
From there, the rest of the lesson is… wherever you want to go.

How can interested people in your area reach out?
You’ll find us at

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