the Power of Flight

We’re proud to offer the world’s premiere performance eFoils and hydrofoils, allowing riders to literally fly above any surface of water, no waves or wind required.

Shipping around the world within 2 weeks. Product is in stock and ready to go, and over a thousand eFoils have already shipped out in the past year!

The Lift eFoil

Our eFoil uses an advanced high-energy lithium-ion battery to power an electric motor, all controlled by a wireless Bluetooth hand controller.


High-performance foils, wings, masts, and packages with all components for standup paddleboarding, surfing, kiteboarding, and wakeboarding.

Fly before you buy
Visit our global network of Lift representatives to test our eFoils and
experience flight above water.

About Us

Lift has spent a decade committed to building high-quality, high-performance hydrofoils from our home base in Puerto Rico. We believe in performance, customer service, and pushing the limits of innovation.

Lift in the News

“This is unlike any other surfboard.”

"The world may not be ready for the level of cool that is this electric surfboard."

"It's easy to learn and ridiculously user-friendly... It's magical up on that hydrofoil."

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