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Explore the fastest, most durable, longest lasting eFoil experience on the market.

Performance hydrofoils for the committed, the future forward, the risk takers.

Try before you buy. Let one of our certified partners help you find the best eFoil for you, or get out on the water with a professional guide.

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Lift Foils is a family-run business making performance hydrofoils in Puerto Rico since 2010. We're proud to be the inventors of and market leaders in eFoiling.

From our team in the field, to legendary pros, to up and coming riders, explore our stories to immerse yourself in the world of foiling.

Lift Foils Team Riders

A family

The Lift Ambassadors

We’re proud to work with athletes and creators around the world to showcase what’s possible on Lift’s eFoils and surf foils. From our team in the field, to legendary pros, to up and coming riders, explore below for awesome video and tips & tricks.

Ariihoe Tefaafana

French Polynesia

Yago Lange


Foiling as a sport is gaining a lot of traction amongst athletes and non-athletes alike.

34-year old Yago Lange is an Olympian athlete, an avid sailor, an enthusiastic surfer, and a passionate environmental activist. How did he come to discover foiling?

Annie Reickert

Maui, HI

Brian Grubb

Orlando, FL

Mala’e McElheny

Oahu, HI

Kiana Fores

Kauai, Hawaii

Ludo Dulou


Jack Ho

Honolulu, HI

Lift Team Rider Jack Ho rides out in Oregon, foiling Hood River, catching a waterfall session, and foil racing. Jack is riding a Lift 28″ mast, 120HA Front Wing and a 25 Glide Tail Wing.

Benny Ferris

Kauai, HI

Benny Ferris shows how downwind foiling with Lift Foil's high aspect wings add a new dimension to downwinding, with higher speeds and an easier pump.

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