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Lift Partner Interview: Alaska eFoils | News | Lift Foils


Check out our interview with the Alaska eFoils team, our Lift Foils partners giving demos in Anchorage. Get inspired for winter eFoil sessions!

Tell us a little bit about you and the Alaska eFoils team!

Alaska eFoils is based out of Anchorage, the state’s largest city. It is currently run by just me (Michael) during my days off as a full-time firefighter. My job allows me to take off most of the summer which gives me ample opportunity to get out on the water. Alaska is home to over 3 million lakes and more coastline than the entire rest of the country combined, making it a perfect place to explore for any water-sport enthusiast.

How did you discover Lift Foils?

I have been in love with water-sports ever since I was a kid. I have been wakesurfing and then riding traditional hydrofoils on boat waves for years, but it was my dream to take that magical feeling of flight to other waterways across Alaska, without the use of gasoline chugging motors or even waves. When Lift created the eFoil, I knew it was going to be something truly special. The learning curve is so much easier than traditional foiling. Once people see and start riding eFoils, it will change the way they see and experience Alaska and all the beauty it holds.

What’s your favorite eFoil size or wing configuration and why?

My favorite eFoil size right now is the 5’0″ Sport with the 150 surf wing. The Sport board offers a great combination of flexibility and ease of use while the 150 wing is super fast and surfy.

What excites you about eFoiling?

What excites me most about eFoiling is the ultimate freedom it provides. With the recent addition of high aspect wings to Lift’s lineup (which are faster and more efficient), riders can have even longer ride times. The ability to explore new places is only growing. I can’t wait to see what adventures are in store for the future.

What regions do you work out of, and what does your company offer demos, lessons, etc?

I work mostly out of a family property located up here on Nancy Lake. It’s a really great location for demos and lessons because it is almost always calm and quiet, but also extremely beautiful.

For those interested in eFoiling in the winter months, any tips on keeping warm or choosing wetsuits?

Keeping warm is very important during winter seasons up here. All you need even in the coldest temperatures is a nice 7mm full hooded wetsuit, booties, and gloves. I get a lot of people that ask about dry suits but wetsuits are simply less restrictive and bulky. Think about swimming in a wetsuit vs a drysuit with winter clothes on underneath. I bring large insulated growlers full of hot water with me that I pre-soak everything in while suiting up in the cold before riding and I stay plenty warm.

Tell us about one of your most interesting water or adventure experiences, whether foil related or not!

The most interesting adventure I’ve taken with the eFoils was definitely riding around the small southeast town of Sitka, Alaska. We rode in bays that seemingly had more jellyfish than water, there were salmon jumping everywhere, and we even happened upon a few bears. It was quite an adventure. It’s also the most beautiful place I’ve ever eFoiled.

What are some your go-to eFoiling spots?

I mostly ride in lakes near my home spot on Nancy Lake, but venture out to a variety of coastal communities around Alaska such as Seward, Whittier, and Homer. Each of these places offers special and unique experiences, for instance, there is a nice surf break located out of Seward at Bear Glacier that I’ve foiled at which was a blast.

Any tips for watersports enthusiasts visiting Alaska?

Grab your wetsuit and come visit! There is something for everyone up here. We have everything from kitefoiling to surfing. Search around and you should be able to find a good spot for whatever activity you’re into.

How can interested people who are going to be in your area reach out?

Check me out on my Instagram @alaska.efoils or my website at There you’ll find all my contact info.

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