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Lift Foils 2023 Surf and Wind Foil Board Lineup


We're excited to introduce our long awaited 2023 foil board lineup. Our largest lineup ever, we're now offering nine board sizes across two categories, with each board being offered in two colorways. Our two flagship board categories are

Surf Foils Boards: Foil boards created to carve through the open ocean swells or behind a boat, ranging from 3'8 to 5'0.

Wind Foil Boards: Foil boards designed to harness the power of both wind & water. Wind boards are interchangeable as high volume surf foil boards, giving you multiple options in one board.

Lift Foils surf and wing foil board features:

Ultra-tough, yet still lightweight: Lift boards are tough and constructed to last, we expect any Lift foil board you buy to be part of your foiling quiver for over a decade. For boards with this level of durability, you'll notice they're are all surprisingly light, a testament to the decade plus of R&D with our team and the expertise of our shaper, Sean Ordoñez.

Ready-to-Ride: No extras or installation needed. Lift's foil boards come shipped with a premium EVA deck pad installed and a protective, functional carrying case that lasts the lifetime of the board. Just add your mast and wing hardware and you're ready to ride.

Fine-tuned: We've built our foils to perform as a system, our boards are immaculately tuned to match our wings and masts. If you haven't experienced a complete Lift setup, you're in for an unparalleled responsive experience while riding.


About the board-bag: All surf and wing foil board orders include a perfectly fitted day board bag to keep your investment protected between every ride. These bags are designed to easily store your board with or without your mast attached

About our board shaper: Sean Ordoñez has 20+ years of shaping experience for the best surfers in the world, keeping the designs clean & classic. Our boards are also tuned to be paired perfectly with the entire Lift lineup of classic masts and wings.

Our Colors: Introducing the new Mint Chocolate Rip - Lighter than our previous generation green, this resembles the seafoam green on our LIFT3 F eFoil, and has a unique, clean look on the water.

Our trademark Black Carbon is back, and its worth noting that this black isn't a paint color, we've made one of the few boards that is clean enough for clear carbon lamination. Sleek and sophisticated.

For our long-time Lift Foils family:
For those that follow our lineup closely, you'll notice this launch features some our most popular styles of the same size as prior generations with various shape updates, as well as a few new board lengths and updated liter totals. We have also updated the name of our previous "wing foil" board category to the more appropriate "wind foil".

All our listings come complete with recommendations of wings and mast for your perfect ride.

3’8” x 25L Wake/Tow Foil Board

Specifically designed for advanced wake and tow foiling, this board has one purpose: to disappear under your feet. The short length of this board allows you to feel more of the foil and less of the board. Our 3’8 board is sure to take your foiling to the highest level.

Shop Now (please note, this model is very limited)

4’0” x 30L Surf/Wake/Tow Foil Board

The 4’0 is our best-selling board as it can do it all. It’s the go-to option for tow foiling and wake foiling for riders of all sizes and abilities. This board also works as an excellent prone surf foil board for lighter weight riders. The compact size makes the board virtually disappear when flying on foil and allows you to hone in on the ultimate control and feel our foils provide.

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4’6” x 34L Surf Foil Board

The daily driver surf foil board. This board blends a volume and size that allows intermediate/advanced foil surfers to catch waves with ease but is small enough to not hinder your on-wave performance or ability to pump and link waves. It’s a stable, fast paddling shape that allows you to unleash on the wave.

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5’0” x 42L Surf Foil Board

Foam is your friend. The 42 liters of volume on our 5’0 allows riders of all levels to easily catch waves and get to their feet. The long rides in foiling often end with a long paddle back out to the lineup. This board has the ease of paddle power to keep you feeling fresh and catching waves all day long. Snagging small gutless waves has never been easier.

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4’0” x 26L Kite Foil Board

Our 4’0 Kite is based on our tried and true 4’0 Surf/Tow/Wake shape, with a few minor tweaks specific for kitesurfing. Its reduced volume allows for easy water starts, and its two additional front insert packs allow you to run two front foot straps at an angle for ease of riding with both left and right foot forward. This board also works as a great crossover for any tow and wake foiling needs.

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4’4” x 44L Wing Foil Board

Our highest performance pro wing board. This ultra-short package features the volume it takes to get up and riding in everyday wind conditions. Once you’re up on foil, the short length leads to reduced swing weight, equating to the ultimate maneuverability and feel. For riders over 150 pounds, this will be a sinker board. For riders under 150 pounds, it can be knee started.

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4’6” x 55L Wing Foil Board

A favorite size for many of our customers. The 4’6 is a great high performance daily driver that won’t leave you stranded when the wind backs off. The short 4’6 length has minimal swing weight and maximum volume. Depending on the rider's weight, this can be a high-volume sinker or knee start board.

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4’10” x 75L Wing Foil Board

An all-new size for 2022/2023. Stability and ease of use all under 5 feet. The 4’10 has ample volume to knee start and a nice water release that makes it easy to fly in any wind conditions. This high-volume short length shape excels in less than optimal wind conditions while feeling light and lively under your feet when on foil. This board is a one board quiver killer.

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5’2” x 105L Wing Foil Board

Looking to get into the world of wing foiling? This is your launch pad. We’ve created the most stable and user-friendly board without sacrificing the high performance feel our customers expect in a Lift product. The 5’2 offers ample volume at 105 liters, without being too thick and cumbersome. The rail line and bottom contours allow the board to quickly release out of the water, so you can focus on flying.

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