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Yago Lange - Lift Foils Team Rider Profile


Foiling as a sport is gaining a lot of traction amongst athletes and non-athletes alike.

34-year old Yago Lange is an Olympian athlete, an avid sailor, an enthusiastic surfer, and a passionate environmental activist. How did he come to discover foiling?


I started cleaning up my environment in 2018. I also broke away (disconnected) from my Olympic sailing career.

4 years ago we traveled through Patagonia with friends. I had not qualified for the Tokyo Olympics, and decided to go outside and immerse myself in nature.

That was hard to do because there was plastic everywhere I looked. Although I had been organizing cleanups for a while by then, I knew this problem existed.

What surprised me and caught my attention was how it could possibly be in such remote places. We were finding plastic in the Rio de la Plata, yet finding the same type of plastic 3,000 kms further away in the open sea!

I began meeting people along my journey who truly inspired me. I learned a lot, and wanted to share my learning with my friends and people I met.

My business began with me organizing experiences with 4 people in my car. Each experience lasts between 7-10 days. During the time we are all together, our lives and our perceptions of the water, of nature, and of the people around us change.

As the world rode the pandemic wave in 2020, I put all my efforts into helping my community through educational talks and starting a community composting project.

At the same time, foiling rekindled my athletic passion for the water. Foiling is an opportunity to enjoy the hours spent in the water, whether foiling above the surface or getting my skin wet below it.

There are times when conditions are not right to surf. With foiling, conditions are right every day. As a sailor, I feel that my nautical knowledge can be applied to the wind, to the sails, to the water, every day.

Lift is a family, and together with sailors like me, we can come together and care for the water we move in. I have no doubt that we will build a better environment -- together.

My mission today is to inspire others to do the same.

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Content by Marko Magister.


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