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The Best Places to eFoil in the Netherlands


A quick guide on the best spots to efoil in the Netherlands.

As one of the pioneers of efoils worldwide, Lift Foils has been responsible for top-tier hydrofoils. One of our most stand-out features is the marbled carbon fiber frame that every efoil comes with. This unique material is something that we forge using specialized steel tools at high temperatures. It is not an easy process, so there are not many other companies using it.

The only other place that you will find this material is on racecars! The result of using this type of material is that an efoil can be very light without compromising on its durability. Our efoils are lighter than anything on the market, but they are not fragile and are fairly durable.

Besides the carbon fiber frame, we also have a high-performance motor, which is both silent yet powerful. You do not have to worry about any strange sounds possibly ruining your day or experience. You can control the motor with the Bluetooth remote, changing its speed on the fly. The Lithium-Ion battery can give you 100 minutes of non-stop fun on a small charge of just two hours. And if there is anything that you don’t particularly like about the efoil, you can easily change it.


Lift Foils has come a long way since its inception in 2010. From our start in Puerto Rico, we have been creating effective efoils for a long time now. And we have cofounder Nick Leason to thank for his ingenuity, which allowed him to create the efoil. He wanted to create a board that could easily work on any body of water, without needing any wind, or waves.

Through his experience as an engineer and a surfer, he created something perfect for any type of water. His relentless attitude towards perfecting each iteration of our efoils has ensured that these efoils stand out.

And after over ten years of making these efoils, they have perfected the formula and have opened multiple demonstration locations worldwide.

The Best Places to eFoil in the Netherlands


Texel is almost 15KM of uninterrupted beach on a wonderful island, which automatically makes it a great place to efoil in the Netherlands. The winds can be a little fast in some stretches, so prepare accordingly.

Noord Scheveningen

This is one of the most popular surfing destinations in the country, which makes it a great place to efoil in the Netherlands for experts. You can ride small to medium waves or even find a smaller corner where you can efoil in peace. Expect a large crowd, especially when tourists come around during the summers.

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eFoils can be a big investment, which is why you should always see for yourself if it is worth buying. Visit one of our many demo locations to see an efoil is something you would want.

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