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The Best Places to eFoil in Sweden


A quick look at some of the best places to efoil in Sweden, as well as a look at Lift Foil’s products.

Lift Foils is dedicated to creating eFoils unmatched in quality. And so far, with the materials we use, no other brand comes close. Each of our eFoils features marbled carbon fiber, a special material that we forge. Its unique composition allows it to be incredibly light without compromising on durability.

We can forge this material using refined steel tools at a high temperature. The result is a material perfect for use in efoils. We are the only hydrofoil company that uses this material. The only other company to use this material are racecar manufacturers. The material also looks good when riding.

Of course, apart from the excellent material, we also use an excellent motor that is very silent. It is also swift. You can control the speed of the eFoil through a Bluetooth remote and ride it the way you want. The best part is that our eFoil also comes with a large Li-ion battery, giving you 100 minutes of continuous riding on as little as two hours of charge. And if there is something you want to change about the efoil, you can easily do so to make it more stable or faster.


Lift Foils has been making efoils for over ten years now, with the vision to create the perfect one. And with each iteration, they are coming closer to that perfect hydrofoil. The dream started back in 2010 when co-founder Nick Leason created the first iteration of the hydrofoil.

He took his inspiration from various smart devices at the time, as he wanted to create a surfboard that could ride on any body of water. That is when he started to work on the hydrofoil, which was only possible thanks to his expertise in engineering and surfing.

Lift Foils chases perfection to the fullest to ensure that we can create a quality product. With over ten years of experience creating these efoils, you will always have a good time riding them.

The Best Places to eFoil in Sweden

Toro Stentstrand

The Toro Stentstrand beach is a great place to efoil in Sweden, with plenty of small waves but fast winds. So when you go out on the water. Be sure to set your expectations accordingly when you hit the waves here.


The Smitingen Beach is another great place to efoil in Sweden, with the only problem being that it is also a little windy. Otherwise, the waves are just the right height for beginners and intermediates.


Brantevik Beach is a good place to efoil in Sweden for good people. Intermediates and professionals will especially enjoy the winds and moderately high tide.

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