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The Best Places to eFoil in Spain


A guide on the best places to efoil in Spain and a brief introduction to Lift Foils and their ethos.

Lift eFoils use a wide array of technology, which gives it an edge over other hydrofoils in the market. For one, it uses an excellent motor to move the board forward, allowing you to ride on any body of water. The motor is completely silent and can get fast when you want it to, all with the help of the Bluetooth remote.

As for the frame that houses the motor, it is made from marbled carbon fiber. We forge this unique material with advanced steel tools at high temperatures. Using this specific material for the frame means ensures that the hydrofoil is both light and durable.

Out eFoils are lighter than anything that the market has to offer, without having to compromise on durability. No other company uses the same material, other than racecar manufacturers!

We also offer riders the to fully customize their efoils, changing their speed, stability, and style. And with a big Lithium-ion battery inside, you can ride for up to 100 minutes on a single two-hour charge. The sheer size of the battery alone is a sign that you’re getting a quality product that Lift Foils have poured ten years of experience into.


Lift Foils is the biggest name in eFoils today, with multiple locations throughout different countries. But, like many major companies, Lift Foils had its humble beginnings in Puerto Rico over ten years ago. In 2010, the co-founder for Lift Foils, Nick Leason, came up with the idea of a surfboard that could work on any body of water.

Taking his inspiration from smartphones and another popular tech at the time, he started to work on the first iteration of the eFoil. Not only was Leason an engineer, but he was also an avid surfer, which gave him the knowledge necessary to craft a hydrofoil.

Leason’s perfectionism rings true with the company to this day, as we don’t cut corners when creating our hydrofoils. Our objective is to chase perfection or the closest thing to it.

The Best Places to eFoil in Spain


Source: Inspirock

Sopelana is a beach great for all surfers, as its long coast features plenty of different-sized waves. It is a great place to efoil in Spain, as you can choose the waves according to their difficulty.

Playa De Somo

Playa De Somo is another great place to eFoil in Spain, thanks to its small and medium waves. You can also relax on the sandy beach after riding or enjoy a nice cocktail.


Mundaka is one of the most popular surfing spots in the country, making it a good place to efoil in Spain for intermediates and experts. It has challenging waves and plenty of space for you to strut your stuff.

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