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The Best Places for eFoiling in France


A few of the best places for efoiling in France and an introduction to Lift Foils.

Lift eFoils are some of the best hydrofoils you can find on the market, featuring a silent motor that offers incredible performance without the noise. The motor can also offer comfortable speeds, ensuring that even beginners can ride it easily.

And with a massive Lithium-ion battery, you don’t have to worry about a lack of charge ruining your experience. On just a two-hour charge, you can get 100 minutes of nonstop riding. The included remote also allows you to change up the speed you’re riding if you want something more comfortable.

Each hydrofoil also features a unique marbled carbon fiber frame, which is light and durable. It’s the same material racecar manufacturers use. This material alone has allowed us to make our hydrofoils much lighter than any other product in the market right now.

Of course, if you don’t like something about your efoil, you can easily change it. Whether it’s the wings underneath the hydrofoil or the mast that needs changing, you can easily request a change.


Lift Foils didn’t always start this big. In fact, we were a fairly small shop out in Puerto Rico before we expanded to multiple countries across the globe. We started the business back in 2010, when co-founder for the Lift Foils, Nick Leason, crafted the first efoil. Nick was a gifted engineer and a dedicated surfer and used his expertise in both to create the first efoil.

What makes our products different from the rest is how we obsess over quality. We don’t cut corners, and we certainly don’t take any shortcuts in producing the perfect eFoil. We dream of creating the perfect eFoil, and with each entry, we are getting closer.

We have been able to craft a full new experience of flying over any body of water, and you can do it too. These eFoils aim to offer a unique surfing experience without any prior knowledge.

Best Places for Surfing or eFoiling

Coast of light

Source: Theculturetrip

The coast of light is one of the few overlooked places to efoil in France. Regardless, you can find a friendly, tight-knit community of surfers who come to the beach often. Fortunately, there is still enough privacy for you to learn or enjoy efoiling on smaller waves.

South Brittany

Source: Theculturetrip

South Brittany features long stretches of beaches that feature small waves and even smaller crowds. In the summer months, you can usually only find a few people, which makes it a great place to efoil without interrupting surfers. Plage du Kérou, in particular, is a massive beach that can feel empty even with a massive crowd.

Book a Demonstration Today

If you’re looking to test out an efoil for yourself, we offer demonstrations to interested buyers. Go to your closest Lift Foils shop and book a demonstration with your preferred efoil. You can choose from a range of options and prices for the best one.

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