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Interview: Ready User One


Where are you based?

I am based Tulum Quintana Roo, Mexico.My name is Adam Hoffman and I will be your guide to help unlock new perspectives if you come down to Tulum. I’ve Iived in the SF Bay Area, Hawaii, China, Austin Texas and now Tulum broadening my localized, global and universal perspective. As a journeyman, I explore the edges of the human perspective using technology, meditation & outdoor adventure.

How did you discover Lift Foils?

I discovered Lift Foils a few years ago when Nick Leason showed up in Austin, TX with his first functional eFoil prototype and a vision of taking the eFoil to market. I worked with him and the team early on when the eFoil first launched, now I’m excited to help represent Lift in Tulum.

What’s your favorite eFoil size or wing configuration and why?

I am currently riding a E1 sport with a 170 wing. Open ocean, lake or river I like the versatility of this setup, the top end speed, the agility bank turns like you are on a snowboard and the power to pull a tow foiler.

I prefer the e2 with 200 HA wing for lessons. This is the perfect lesson setup for any first-time rider. With side by side instruction it’s the perfect size to walk a new rider through step by step riding on your stomach, knees, standing and foiling with “touch and goes”.

For surf foiling my favorite setup is the lift 4’0/28 liter with a 32inch mast and 200 HA for open ocean tow in waves.

What excites you about eFoiling?

Accessibility and opportunity of flight. Over the years I have taught over 400 riders to fly, with varying experience levels ranging from no experience at all to experienced surfers.

eFoiling offers the opportunity to broaden your perspective on what is possible in the water and with electric vehicles. The way you see water and energy shifts when you are looking for spots to surf foil, tow foil, wing foil, and eFoil.

I’m excited about the growth and development of electric vehicle ecosystem. Users of eScooters, eBikes, eMotos, & eVehicles is the beginning of an exciting new future.

What regions do you work out of, and what does your company offer demos, lessons, etc?

I have current offerings in Tulum, Mexico which includes, 60-90min 1-1, 1-2 or custom “waterworld” programs that can include, breathwork, free diving and nutrition.

Waterworld is an experience designed to connect you with the element of water, we will build trust and surrender to the power of the sea and learn how to go with the flow.

How can interested people who are going to be in your area reach out?

I can be reached out to on IG @liftfoils.tulum or on this landing page,

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