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The Best Places to eFoil in Switzerland


A guide to some of the best locations to efoil in Switzerland.aa

eFoils by Lift Foils feature some of the highest quality materials that can find in the market. They are very lightweight, but they are also very durable, thanks to the material used in the frame. Every eFoil features a marbled carbon fiber frame, which makes it the lightest efoil in the market without compromising on its quality.

Each frame is forged using refined steel tools as well as high temperatures, which is what gives them their special characteristics. You can usually find this type of material used in racecar bodies, as it is both light and durable.

Each efoil also comes with a specialized motor, which is completely silent and offers incredible performance. You can control the speed of the efoil using the included Bluetooth remote. It is incredibly responsive and feels very good to ride. And with its large Lithium-ion battery, you will be able to easily ride this efoil for 100 minutes on a simple charge of two hours.

Finally, you can even customize a great deal of your efoil, as you can replace elements that make it faster, more efficient, or even more stable to ride.


Lift Foils has been responsible for producing some of the best efoils that you can currently find in the market, and it is all thanks to their years of experience. Since our inception in 2010, We have been working on creating the best efoil in the market, in accordance with co-founder Nick Leason’s original vision.

He came up with the idea of a dedicated efoil, as he wanted to make a surfboard that didn’t need wind or waves to work. After taking his inspiration from most types of smart devices, he started to work on the first version of the efoil. He created this version using his experience as an engineer and years of surfing.

His relentless drive towards perfectionism improvement still exists within the company. We take this drive to improve and make the perfect efoil seriously and do not cut corners to make it come true.

The Best Places to eFoil in Switzerland


Blausee is a great place for people to efoil in Switzerland at a relaxed pace, as the lake rarely has any activity and has clear water you can see through.


Riffelsee is another great place to take a relaxing efoil ride in Switzerland, especially thanks to its beautiful peaks. Be sure to wear the proper swimming gear, because it will be cold here.

Lake Zurich

Lake Zurich is one of the easiest lakes to access, making it one of the best places to efoil in Switzerland. The water is clear, but there can be tourists coming there as well.

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