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The Best Places for eFoiling in New Zealand


A small guide on the best places for efoiling in New Zealand, as well as an introduction to Lift Foils.

Why settle for less than the best when choosing your eFoil. As founders of the eFoil, our hydrofoils stand out thanks to their incredible build and even better performance. The silent motor ensures optimum performance with absolutely no sound. Using the added Bluetooth remote, you can easily control the speed of the efoil, allowing you to enjoy your ride comfortably. Each foil also comes with a Lithium-Ion battery, which offers 100 minutes of continuous foiling on as little as 2 hours of charge.

The body of the hydrofoil is what we are especially proud of, with each featuring an almost futuristic marbled carbon fiber frame. Not only are these much harder to craft, but this is also the material that you will find on racecars. We forge this carbon fiber using refined steel stools while heating the material to an incredible degree. As a result, our hydrofoils are lighter than any other competitor’s boards while being very durable.

With over a decade worth of experience in creating eFoils, our latest products are a culmination of their expertise. You can even customize the efoil significantly, especially the mast and wings at the bottom.


Lift Foils started over a decade ago with a vision to create the best hydrofoils in the world. Oddly enough, our co-founder Nick Leason was responsible for coming up with the idea of the efoil. As an avid surfer and engineer, Leason brought his expertise into creating a surfboard that works on almost every body of water.

Every year, the development team at Lift Foils has been getting closer and closer to crafting that perfect efoil. We are relentless when crafting each foil, ensuring that each buyer is getting the best one. And not only is a hydrofoil created by avid surfers, but they test it. Only when an efoil runs flawlessly does it go out to sell.

Starting from a small shop in Puerto Rico, Lift Foils has expanded to multiple demo locations worldwide. So not only can you buy a hydrofoil, but you can also test it out before deciding.

Best Places for eFoiling


Source: Seethesouthisland

One of the best things about hydrofoils is that they don’t need waves or wind to work. So you can take your efoil in New Zealand down to Queenstown and ride it around Lake Wakatipu and not have to worry about running into other surfers.

Abel Tasman

Source: newzealand

Abel Tasman has crystal clear waters, making it a great place to efoil in New Zealand. Glide over these waters and connect to Mother Nature like never before. The best part is that you don’t have to worry about running into surfers here either.

Lake Taupo

Source: tripsavvy

Lake Taupo is one of the best places to efoil in New Zealand, with clear waters and even clearer views. You can launch off from practically anywhere, and you can easily make your way around the lake.

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