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Lift Partner Interview: Berlin's E-Surfer | News | Lift Foils


Read more about the E-Surfer team, our Lift partners based in Berlin, Germany and how they discovered the eFoil. We’re stoked they're in our network!

For the latest in our Lift Partner interview series, we go back and forth with the E-Surfer team. Based in Berlin, Germany, they run a training operations and sales shop for Lift eFoils and other watersports product. The E-Surfer team has done extensive comparisons between all the different efoils and jetboards on the market, with a number of them online. We’re stoked to have their expertise in our network!

How did you discover Lift Foils?

We have been testing electric surfboards and hydrofoils since the beginning of 2017 as part of our blog. I was fascinated with the eFoil since I saw the first video on Youtube and we did our first interview with Nick Leason in June o f 2017. Before we bought our first eFoil in fall 2018 we had the chance to test a DIY electric hydrofoil and got addicted.

What’s your efoil size or wing configuration and why?

We have 2 Lift eFoils– a Cruiser model and a Sport model with different wings. I usually ride the Cruiser with a 200 wing and my 9 years old son rides the sport model with a 170 wing. Both of our boards are white.

The Cruiser with 200 wing offers a very smooth ride and the speed is a bit lower which makes it easier to find a spot to ride in our area. We have a lot of speed limits here in Germany. If there are no speed limits where we’re riding I go for the Sport model with 170 wing or even the 150 wing. I’m a bigger ride, about 90 kg, but still find it easy to ride on the Sport.

What excites you about efoiling?

It is silent and so relaxing… it feels like snowboarding in powder. The range of the Lift eFoil is also so much better than electric jetboards we own. People will watch you ride and not understand what’s going on. It’s hard to describe it just feels very good and doesn’t ever get boring.

What regions do you work out of, and what does your company offer?

We have our shop and “fly before you buy” center in Berlin, Germany. There are a lot of lakes around Berlin that are perfect for the eFoil. Last year we had about 45 training lessons, and we expect this to double in 2020. The season in Germany goes from April to October, and we’re open offering lessons and sales demonstrations.

Tell us about your watersports history, whether foil related or not!

There are so many! I’ve loved watersports since I started windsurfing at 11 years old. I shaped surfboards when I turned 18 and switched to wakeboarding in 1996. I’ve done kite-surfing (just a beginner), I owned a Jetski, a boat and now I have Jetboards and of course the eFoil. Last year I spent 80% of my time on the water on the eFoil.

What are some your go-to efoiling spots in your area?

We have one lake by our office, just 5 minutes walking distance which we can use for the eFoil. The lake is connected to the Spree river and we basically ride inside the city center. The jetboards are not allowed here so we have to go to lakes outside the city to ride those. If you are looking for a spot close to Berlin I recommend the Seddinsee.

Any tips for watersports enthusiasts visiting your region?

No kiting or windsurfing here in Berlin, but we have indoor surfing at a place called Wellenwerk and we have 3 cable-ski locations around Berlin for wakeboarding. And of course you can ride the eFoil with us!

How can interested people in your area reach out?

Just contact us through and make an appointment.

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