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Lift Foils 2022 Wings Update


Introducing the 90 High Aspect Front Wing

The 90HA wing was designed specifically for performance and speed. With an aspect ratio of 11, it’s the highest in the fleet, but because it’s a relatively small wing, the wingspan is still within that of our surf series.

So what does that mean for the riding experience?

The 90 HA is impressively efficient for such a small size. With its comfortable wingspan, one can make aggressive turns and maneuvers on the waves while staying fully in control. What’s also really interesting about this wing is due to its higher aspect ratio and small size, you can breach the surface of the water and regain control in an instant.

That means more aggressive carving with wing tips outside the water and some new air time on your surf gear.

If you’re looking for more glide and carry while still keeping serious speed, take a look at our 120 HA.

Lift Foils Carve Tail Wings

We’re proud to announce our new Carve tail wings. The Carve wings backs are smaller & shorter stabilizers designed specifically for surfing. With shorter fuselages than Lift’s Glide and Surf tails, the Carves allows riders to make tighter radius turns—much like a shorter chassis on a vehicle allows for a tighter turning radius.

The Carves also have an increased angle pitched down which adds slightly more drag than the Glide wings, but more front foot pressure and positive lift off for the front wing. This feel gives more liveliness to the ride in smaller surf and a reliable feel on the front foot when speeding up and pushing through a turn.

Overall, if you’re looking for high performance back wings that drive through a tight turn, the Carve series is it. The Carves come in two sizes, the 26 and the 33. Smaller = more sporty. Larger = more stability with the cost of added drag.

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