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Lift Partner Interview: LondonFoils | News | Lift Foils


Read an interview with our affiliate LondonFoils, offering eFoil demos, lessons, and unforgettable adventures in London and the South East of England.

Tell us a little bit about you and the Londonfoils team!

Londonfoils was started by Duncan and Charlie, two long term university mates who’s friendship has spanned over 20 years. We used to run club nights in Bristol and in the South of France during our gap year and have been keen to do something together in business for a while. We were intrigued by Lift Foils on big wave surfing legend Laird Hamilton’s Instagram page, although we are relative newcomers to surfing, water has been a powerful factor in both our lives. A weekly ritual of open water swimming and cold water therapy really opened our eyes to the physical and mental benefits it provides particularly during these challenging times which led us to our research and the business opportunity of creating more awareness for eFoiling in the UK, not to mention an exciting new hobby! We’re based in the South East of England and cover London and its surrounding areas.

How did you discover Lift Foils?

On Laird Hamilton’s Instagram feed.

What’s your favorite eFoil size or wing configuration and why?

We both have black 5’6 efoils with the classic 200 foil as it provides stability but also the maneuverability you are after when your skills improve. Although we have a ways to go yet

What excites you about eFoiling?

It just gives you a unique feeling and exhilaration that’s hard to put into words – kind of like Aladdin on a magic carpet flying above the waves. Both of us come from stressful business environments however when riding your mind is completely clear from all other distractions providing a stunningly pure level of escapism. The eco-friendly technology with the boards being battery powered was a big draw and is surely going to be the direction for water craft in the future.

What regions do you work out of, and what does your company offer demos, lessons, etc?

London and the South East of England. We provide consultancy and demonstrations to showcase what the Lift efoil can do.

For those interested in eFoiling in the winter months, any tips on keeping warm or choosing wetsuits?

Here in the UK you can’t rely on the weather however what interested us was the opportunity to efoil in all conditions and with the right equipment and preparation this is absolutely possible! Invest in a good wet suit and water temperature isn’t a problem, Charlie went for a Quiksilver syncro whilst Duncan opted for the O’Neil Hyper Freak both front zipped 5/4’s which are incredibly flexible and keep us nice and warm even in Jan! We’d also definitely recommend the corresponding hoods, gloves and boots particularly on those colder days.

Tell us about one of your most interesting water or adventure experiences, whether foil related or not!

Charlie: I love to travel, one of my favourite experiences has been mountain biking down death road in Bolivia. i just hope we can get past covid soon as i was meant to be travelling around australia this year. Duncan: A couple of years ago me and a few mates travelled the length of the river Thames over 5 days (215 miles) in inflatable kayaks raising £15K for charity. The experience was challenging but hugely rewarding and has got me thinking about future expeditions involving a Lift efoil. Watch this space!

What are some your go-to eFoiling spots?

Shoreham, West Whittering beach & Sandbanks are great.

Any tips for watersports enthusiasts visiting the UK?

There are so many fantastic places to do watersports in the UK, from surfing in cornwall to sailing around the Isle of White, the diversification of scenery is second to none.

How can interested people who are going to be in your area reach out?

Follow us on Instagram @Londonfoils or feel free to email us on either or Our website is coming soon.

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