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Interview - Lift Foils Rider Jack Ho


Interview with Oahu surfer and Lift Foils rider Jack Ho.

How did you first get started with foiling?

My dad surprised me with a $600 setup from our local Used Surfboards shop and I went out that day. I only stood up once but after that day, I was so psyched!

What was your original setup?

My first set up was a “made in China” foil with no name or logo and a 5’6 surfboard that the previous installed foil boxes in. My first real setup was a Lift Classic 200 that I won from a raffle.

What’s your preferred foil setup now?

My go-to setup right now is my 170 HA with the 34 tail and the 28 or 32 inch mast. I use this combo a lot for cruising when the waves are small or for downwinding. When I want to rip, I use the 150 surf with the 34 tail and the 24 inch mast. The shorter mast gives me the most high performance feeling!

Any tips and tricks for those getting into the sport?

If you are committed to learning the sport, GET SOLID EQUIPMENT! I think the Lift 200 Classic or Surf is the best entry level wing for most people because it is super user friendly and doesn’t have as much of a “front footed” feeling like the older first generation foils.

What do you feel has been your biggest achievement out on the water?

My biggest achievement is winning the State Championships for 17 & Under Boys Longboard and getting runner up at the National competition in California. Another achievement is the day I landed my first backflip on the foil! I was stoked! My dad tells me, “It doesn’t matter how good you are or how many contests you win, what matters is that you are a good person and kind to everyone in and out of the water.”

What brought you to Lift, and what do you like about the brand?

I remember when I first tried a Lift foil, I was mind blown haha! Out of all the foils that I had tried at the time, the Lift 200 was by far the best! That was the foil that I learned how to do legit turns on. I ended up trying different brands but eventually came back to Lift. The Lift foils are super strong and allow me to perform to my fullest potential!

What excites you for the future of foiling?

Right now, downwind racing is what I’m most looking forward to in the upcoming years. I live in Hawaii and racing between the islands on hydrofoils is starting to become quite popular. Hopefully I can be a part of that and set new records!

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