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Get on board with the Lift eFoil, 2021’s most exciting high-tech water toy


Read what makes the Lift eFoil 2021’s most exciting high-tech water toy for adventurous boat and yacht owners.

While time on the water can offer relaxation and calm, adventurous yacht and boat owners are always hunting for new and exciting experiences to add to their arsenal of water toys. Enter the Lift eFoil, the groundbreaking electric hydrofoil surfboard that delivers a sophisticated ride to anyone who wants to try, from beginners of all ages to experienced riders. Amid a global flurry of press attention, the Lift eFoil has recently been hailed as one of the “coolest superyacht tech toys you should have on board” and “a fantastic toy for yacht charters.

Based in Puerto Rico, the Lift Foils team has spent over a decade creating extraordinary foiling experiences for surf, SUP, kite, and wake, before launching the original Lift eFoil in 2018. Lift Foils was the first company to bring this exciting innovation to market and now ships worldwide within days. As competitors have entered the market, Lift’s dedication to quality, a wide selection of boards, and immersion in the cutting-edge of foiling separate it from the pack. Here’s what else makes the Lift eFoil a must-have toy for boats and yachts.

Smooth sailing for all

Easy-to-learn, the Lift eFoil offers an unreal experience—riders rise up and confidently glide over the water, no waves or wind required. The smooth sensation has been described as a combination of surfing, flying, and snowboarding. From families bonding on vacation to solo explorers setting out on their own, eFoiling is an exhilarating option that’s sure to attract attention (and envy) from spectators.

With a four-board lineup, beginners can get comfortable with larger sizes while experienced athletes who want to push the limits can opt for the smaller, professional models. Regardless of board size, anyone can soar for up to an hour at speeds of more than 25mph. Fly over flat water or in swells, on lakes or oceans—the possibilities are endless, wherever you’re boating.

Advanced technology, premium materials

The Lift eFoil leverages advances in lithium-battery technology and wireless communication and was originally conceived by applying technology from smartphones, electric vehicles, and even drones. The eFoil’s battery powers a silent electric motor that’s mounted on an all-carbon-fiber hydrofoil, controlled with a wireless and waterproof Bluetooth hand controller.

Carbon fiber is the optimum material for boards due to its strength and lightness. The eFoil also employs a sleek and hydrodynamic electric propulsion system, designed with minimal mechanical components. The latest tech and best components ensure dependability and durability, critical qualities for any yacht or boat owner to consider when investing in accessories.

Safe, portable power

Boat and yacht owners can be confident that the eFoil embodies Lift Foils’ commitment to rider safety. A Bluetooth hand controller gives every rider total control over their speed. If the rider releases the control, or if the controller is submerged, the motor automatically stops. The Lift hand controller also indicates when the battery is losing charge so that a rider can return safely to the boat.

Unlike bulky jet skis or inflatable toys, the eFoil is compact, easily transportable, and breaks down to its components within minutes. It’s simple to pack away and store safely. Requiring minimal maintenance, it’s one less thing to worry about while you’re enjoying your time aboard.

A tireless pursuit of the ultimate ride is intrinsic to Lift’s DNA, and the eFoil is the culmination of the Lift team’s obsessive quest to create the most exceptional experiences. With first-rate materials and the most advanced technology, Lift has inarguably earned its status as the global leader in the cutting-edge electric foiling category. Boat and yacht owners can be sure that the Lift eFoil will effortlessly elevate their next adventure on the water. Ready to experience the Lift eFoil?

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