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Firmware Update: Gen 4 Battery Update - June 2024 | Version 4.5.14


At Lift, performance is always our top priority. This firmware update will improve the longevity and performance of your battery.

What Does This Update Do?

Improved Battery Longevity: The update ensures that your Gen 4 battery maintains optimal performance and storage life, preventing issues related to permanent discharge when stored with less than 50% charge for extended periods.

Enhanced Experience: By keeping the battery firmware up-to-date, you enjoy a more reliable and consistent performance from your Lift eFoil.

Peace of Mind: Have confidence in your equipment, knowing that the latest firmware is designed to maximize battery health and longevity, particularly during long storage periods. At Lift, performance is always a top priority, and this firmware update is specifically designed to enhance the overall performance of your battery, ensuring it operates at its best.

Learn How to Update Your Battery

Watch the video to learn how to update your battery.

Before you plug in your battery this season, make sure to update your eBox firmware. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. What you need: Board (with eBox), Battery, and App (on your phone)
  2. Time needed: 10 minutes
  3. Update the Firmware: Stand next to your board and open your Lift App. Complete the latest firmware update for your eBox, takes about 3 minutes. Need help with the update? Check out this video:
  4. Install the Battery: Once done, insert your battery. If an update is needed, it will automatically start upgrading using the new eBox firmware. You will know your battery is updating if the blue LEDs are on. This process may take up to 6 minutes.
  5. Ready to Ride: If no update is needed, your board will start up as usual.

Already installed your battery? No worries! Just perform the update, and the system will ensure you're on the latest version.

That's it! Enjoy the summer, and see you on the water!

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