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Lift Partner Interview: eFoil Sweden | News | Lift Foils


Based on the west coast of Sweden in a small fishing community, our affiliate eFoil Sweden talks about the team, tips for winter foiling, and more.

Tell us a little bit about you and the eFoil Sweden team!

We are two people, father and son, who started this business 2019. We have a strong passion for the sea and have done other watersports in the past suchas windsurfing and wakeboarding. As we are situated literally on an island, we are close to the sea, and a perfect surrounding where we always can find flat water to give lessons to beginners.

eFoil Sweden is based on the west coast of Sweden in a small fishing community called Smoegen. We have an archipelago with many small rocky islands with almost no trees due to the windy conditions during autumn and winter. In the off season it is a quiet village but during the summer it is a popular tourist location, and the whole area comes alive with restaurants, shopping, fishing and recreation.

How did you discover Lift Foils?

Like many others we saw it on social media and wow! We loved the sight of eFoiling and just had to try it. We went to Norway to the closest Lift affiliate available and had a go. It was just amazing! On the way home we decided to become the first affiliate to start in Sweden. Lift was the natural choice since the company has the best surf experience and the best product range in the world.

What’s your favorite eFoil size or wing configuration and why?

Our favorite board is the 5’0” with the 170-classic wing. This combination really offers good carving and maneuver abilities. Once you have tried this board after learning the basics on a bigger board you just don’t want to go back. That’s a comment we have had from several customers. For a lighter or smaller person, the 5’0” also works excellent as a step-in size.

What excites you about eFoiling?

First of all, the fact that it is quiet, no emission of anything, combined with a sensational feeling of just flying above the water. It’s really comparable with carving on a snowboard in powder. The second must be that it is so accessible, you do not need wind or waves, just go out and ride in almost any conditions. On top of this it’s easy to learn. Most people think that it must be hard, but we can tell you, we have had about 100 first time surfers during our first season and all of them have been up on their feet flying during their first lesson.

What regions do you work out of, and what does your company offer demos, lessons, etc?

We operate on the west coast of Sweden and do the most lessons in Smoegen where our base is, but we are mobile and have done pop-up sessions on different places in the south of Sweden on request. We offer sales, demos and lessons to individuals, groups, and company events.

For those interested in eFoiling in the winter months, any tips on keeping warm or choosing wetsuits?

We would say choose a high-quality wetsuit with glued seams. They are almost completely dry after riding an hour. Of course it depends how often you crash, but if you an experienced rider you usually don’t crash, maybe once or twice if the conditions are rough.

We ride in O’neill Psychotech 6/4 which is really warm and also has a built-in hood. So far, we have tested them down to +5 degrees Celsius in the water, but minus degrees in the air, no problem. With a warm body you can have thinner gloves 1,5-3mm is enough.

Tell us about one of your most interesting water or adventure experiences, whether foil related or not!

It is hard to pick something without foiling since that is the ultimate fun you can have on the water! We say that the only downside is that there is a risk of addiction. That is a true fact.

One fun adventure this autumn was when we towed our neighbors wind foiling board by having a rope around the waist towing the other guy behind, both foiling with control of course. It was a bit hard in the beginning but great fun!

What are some of your go-to eFoiling spots?

The west coast of Sweden first of all. I would say that the archipelago from Gothenburg and north from that point is the most special coastline in the country. A lot of islands and places to play and explore. We still haven’t been to most of them since our home base in Smoegen gives us a lot of playground already. But to mention some of the other pearls… Marstrand, Fjaellbacka, Grebbestad are some really nice places.

Any tips for watersports enthusiasts visiting Sweden?

Come to Smoegen and learn how to fly with us! It is easier than most people think and suits a wide age span. We have had riders between 12-70 years, all first timers, and they have really nailed it.

In this area there are a lot of things to do during the summer. Fishing tours, boat tours, diving, speedboats like rib and more.

How can interested people who are going to be in your area reach out?

You find us on social media, Instagram, and Facebook as @efoilsweden. You are most welcome to contact or follow us there. Of course, our website is and there you find all contact information as well. For direct contact, use our mail address: or just give us a call 070-6932963 or 070-3931263.

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