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Building a New Sport in Berlin: The eFoilution Story


Discover the story behind our incredible partner eFoilution. Their team has built the sport of foiling in one of the European capitals, Berlin a Population of 3,770,000 and their approach to the sport is unique. Enjoy this short documentary by Eric Marco, Joan & Alex Maes.

Berlin is a bustling metropolis with a vibrant culture and rich history. Beyond its historic landmarks and dynamic urban life, a burgeoning eFoil scene is taking shape thanks to Lift partner, eFoilution. Our latest film — brilliantly captured by Eric Marco, Joan Maes, and Alex Maes — chronicles the exhilarating experience of eFoiling as it carves its own niche in the city’s waters.

eFoilution's approach to eFoiling is unique, blending the sport's technical aspects with its potential to create a robust community. They've tapped into Berlin's energetic spirit and infused it into the ride. The eFoilution team recognizes that in Berlin, with its diverse population and penchant for embracing new trends, eFoiling is not just a sport – it’s a lifestyle.

The film explores the nuances of eFoiling and how eFoilution has honed their skills and knowledge. Viewers will discover eFoiling is a complex interplay of physics, engineering, and human agility on boards that are marvels of modern design, combining sleek aesthetics with cutting-edge technology.

The eFoilution team are pioneers and ambassadors who understand that introducing eFoiling to a city surrounded by land is no small task. They’re creating a space where beginners and experts can meet, share experiences, and fuel each other's passion for the sport.

The film also captures the beauty of Berlin's waterways, a scenic backdrop that adds a unique dimension to eFoiling. From serene lakes to winding rivers, the city's aquatic landscape offers a diverse playground for riders and a launch point for eFoilution to write a new chapter in Berlin's sporting history.

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