We offer high-performance packages for surfing, stand-up paddleboarding, kiteboarding, and wakeboarding.

We’ve been producing premium hydrofoils longer than anyone on the market, and we make every part of your gear with durability and reliability in mind.


We work with the best board builders in the world- including legendary shaper Sean Ordoñez- to create optimal decks for your ride. Our boards are built for performance and guaranteed to last for years.


Our wings are made of carbon fiber which means they are high-strength and impact-resistant while still being lightweight. They’re designed for performance and come in a variety of sizes. We’ve tested every detail, including size, shape and angles to make sure that they maximize control and stability while minimizing unnecessary drag.


We’ve spent years refining the design and construction of our masts- one of the foil’s most crucial components. We use the highest-quality carbon fiber, leading to minimal weight and excellent control and rigidity to help keep you stable.

Our Foil Combos

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