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Lift Foil's Specialty Wings Lineup


The 2023 Lift Foils specialty wing lineup is set to change the performance boundaries of foiling forever. If you're an advanced or expert surf foiler looking to spice up your quiver and push your skills, these are the wings for you.

The 2023 specialty wing lineup is set to change the performance boundaries of foiling forever. This new lineup features wings our team riders and expert customers have been begging for. Developed with many of the world's best watermen and women, these wings feature mind-melting efficiency and speed. We don't recommend these wings to beginners; however, if you're an advanced or expert rider looking to spice up your quiver and push your skills, these are the wings for you.


Front Wing - 72 LCX

The 72 LCX is built to chase monsters. Developed with feedback from Laird Hamilton and Benny Ferris, the goal of this wing was simple: to allow them to ride the biggest waves in the world with control.

Don’t let the surface area fool you; the top end on this wing is higher than the 60 Surf V2. Low camber and modest surface area allow for mind-melting speeds with plenty of stability and control.

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Front Wing - 70 High Aspect

The 70 High Aspect front wing is for advanced riders looking to maximize speed and maneuverability in more energized surf. This is also an excellent option for young rippers that are lightweight and full of talent.

Its small size does not serve the rider well for pumping long distances, but it can certainly pump to connect waves and get out in front. While the 70 HA is small in surface area, the high aspect ratio and camber profile give this wing considerably more lift at low speed than you would expect.

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Front Wing - 110 High Aspect X

The 110 High Aspect X is our highest aspect wing to date. It’s as fast as the 90 HA with the pump of the 120 HA. If you have the skills to master this wing, it will provide unmatched pumping and downwind efficiency.

It demands to be ridden at a quick pace, but the glide it gives in return is relentless. This wing is sure to win a downwind race or two.

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Front Wing - 150 High Aspect X

The 150 High Aspect X has been our most anticipated and requested wing to date. The ace of spades for downwind foiling enthusiasts. This wing has the speed of the 120 HA with the pump (or more) of the 170 HA.

With a wingspan of 39 inches, this wing is a true glider, but don’t let the wingspan fool you. The 150 High Aspect X can still lean into a nice carve when needed and is user-friendly to ride. We expect this wing to be a staple in the Lift lineup for many years to come.

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Back Wing - 20 Carve

This is the smallest back wing in our fleet, making surfing feel extremely lively. If you want to slash some aggressive turns and you like the tail feeling extremely light and low drag, this is it.

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