Hydrofoil Wings

Lift offers optimal carbon fiber wing designs with superior strength and performance in a variety of sizes.

We’ve tested and fine-tuned every detail, including size, shape, and angles, to engineer wings that maximize control and stability and minimize unnecessary drag.

Classic Wings

Surf Wings

2020 Classic Wings

Our signature single-piece foil wings provide increased strength and hydrodynamics while reducing weight and drag. They’re easy to assemble and come with a cover for simple breakdown and protection.

2020 Surf Wings

Our new surf designs encompass a two-piece construction, with interchangeable front and back wings for easy transport and multiple configurations.


Back stabilizers for our surf and high aspect wings, interchangeable for easy transport and multiple configurations.

High Aspect Wings

High aspect wings offer enhanced efficiency and glide through the water for more experienced riders, expanding the range of surfing by making it easier to connect multiple waves and offering a superior down wind experience.