Shipping & Handling

All of our products are carefully packed and delivered via DHL and FedEx. Order processing time may take up to 2 weeks. Transit times are 1-2 days for domestic shipments to the United States and no more than 5 days for international shipments once all details have been received and the order is processed.

There are shipping details on individual product pages for the length of shipment on SKUs that are backordered.

eFoil Domestic and International Shipping

We ship Fedex International Economy for USA and UK/EU zones.

Australia and Eastern Europe we use DHL.

In every other case we will use the most reliable and economical carrier possible.

We also pay import taxes like VAT in most cases using our shipping account so our customers don’t have to deal with their local customs office.

We invoice our customers for shipping and import taxes as applicable when taking final payment.

Shipping and tax will be quoted and billed at the time of final payment.

Please note: the following countries may have delayed shipping due to the delivery and customs process: Bangladesh, Bermuda, Cypress, Eritrea, Estonia, Fiji,  Greece, Croatia, Mexico, New Zealand, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Oman and some areas of South America. Please contact us if you have any questions about your delivery.