The Lift eFoil

As the creators of the original eFoil, we’ve combined the modern technology of electric vehicles with a decade of hydrofoil design expertise for an elegant and sophisticated ride. Allowing riders of all abilities to fly with power, silence, and complete control, our eFoil is no longer a dream or a prototype! We’ve been in full production for over a year, bringing the exhilarating feeling of flight over water to hundreds of riders all over the world.

How does it work?

The eFoil uses an advanced Lithium-ion battery to power a silent electric motor that’s mounted on an all-carbon fiber hydrofoil, all controlled with a wireless Bluetooth hand controller. Riders can fly for up to an hour at speeds of 25 mph or more.

Who can use the eFoil?

We’ve designed our products for everyone from total beginners looking for a fun and safe experience to top athletes who are seeking their next thrill. We generally recommend the eFoil for riders:

Ages 16 and up / Who weigh less than 250 pounds


We worked with top U.S. engineers to create a custom Lithium-ion battery pack built specifically for a rugged marine environment.

Our battery:

  • Offers an average of 1 hour ride time, depending on rider weight/speed.
  • Is waterproof and fully submersible.
  • Takes less than 2 hours to charge.
  • Comes equipped with a sophisticated Battery Management System to keep riders safe.
  • Can be easily interchanged and recharged.
  • weighs 30 lbs.

Wireless Hand

Our patented Bluetooth hand controller gives the rider complete control at their fingertips for an effortless, smooth ride.

Our hand controller:

  • Uses wireless Bluetooth technology to give the rider unparalleled control over the board.
  • Is sealed and completely waterproof.
  • Commands the motor, which will automatically shut off if the lever is released or if the hand controller is submerged in water.
  • Has a display screen with power settings, alerts, and battery charge levels.
  • Will automatically lower the power setting so they can return to shore safely in the event of a low battery or any unusual activity.
  • Has been carefully designed, with a strap to keep it secure, to give the rider maximum comfort and control over the throttle.

“With these wave-riding tools, the efficiency allows us to do things that have never been done, and in places that have never been ridden.”

—Laird Hamilton, big-wave surfer

and Propellers

Our propulsion systems were designed to be an extension of the rider for the smoothest possible ride.

Our motor:

  • Leverages the eFoil’s built-in computer, which is programmed to set the perfect accelerations, decelerations, and speed outlets for the most stability and control.
  • Is totally silent.
  • Is double sealed and built with high end corrosion-resistant materials, so it’s fully submersible in water.
  • Features a hydrodynamic torpedo design that pierces through water with minimal drag.
  • Is constructed with minimal mechanical components, making it virtually maintenance free.

Our propeller:

  • Is milled from a block of the highest grade aluminum.
  • Is hand polished, balanced, and treated for longevity and marine use.
  • Features the best thrust-to-energy ratio over a variety of speeds to maximize battery efficiency.

and Foil

With a decade of experience designing the wings and high-quality boards that make up our foils, our deep knowledge has led to the eFoil’s smooth and elegant ride. The foil is really what provides the unique feeling of surfing and flying all in one.

Our boards and foils:

  • Are built from premium carbon fiber, which offers the perfect flex patterns along with toughness and weight reduction.
  • Have an integrated waterproof hatch that houses all of the electronics, including the battery and motor controller.
  • Connect to interchangeable wings so the rider can swap out different designs for unlimited flying sensations.
  • Can be easily assembled with our wings and taken apart. Each component comes with a carrying case for proper storage and transportation.
  • Weigh 30 lbs. (combined with wings and propulsion system)