World Record – Crossing the Gulf of Thailand via eFoil

Our partners Lift Foil’s Thailand & Mentagram have gotten the world record for the longest eFoil ride by crossing the gulf of Thailand.  On April 8th, with 8 hours of riding time multiple eFoilers flew across 120km of open ocean to successfully achieve a new world record!

The team started at Ocean Marina Yacht Club at 5am in Pattaya and took off around 6:30 am, and they arrived at Surfspot Huahin around 3:30pm after traveling 120km.  There were five riders participating. Two of the riders were going individually straight for 8 hours each (solos), and three were on a “team” that changed the rider throughout the journey (rider team). 

The lead solo rider was Khom, the CEO of Mentagram, who rode from start to finish, non-stop, quite the feat for even the most seasoned rider! On the rider team was @joeybangkokboy one of the Lift Foil’s Thailand professional team. Mr. Nattapon Pattamapong, Managing Director of Mentagram, was the team’s captain. Mr. Pattamapong said that the mission was a success despite huge waves which prevented him from reaching top speed. The trip ended up taking nine hours instead of six as originally planned. Everyone involved was happy to set a record in water sports with Lift eFoil and grateful for all the encouragement and support from partners.

The group crossing used 10 batteries and five boards in total. They were riding LIFT3 Sport and LIFT3 Cruiser eFoils, on 170 High Aspect front wings with 38 backs, a super efficient wing pairing for a long day or riding.

The event concluded the following day with demo rides session and more than 50 new riders learning how to eFoil. Thanks to the event sponsors Redbull, Singha, Siam Discovery, BMW Thailand, The Ministry of Tourism and Sport of Thailand & GoPro.