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High Aspect Wing – 200 Front


The ultimate glide wing for surfing and plenty fast

Our go-to recommended High Aspect wing

If you’re eFoiling and want to go the distance, run the 200 HA.

Additional information

200 Square Inches of surface area and a 37” wing span, this wing does it all. The 200 high Aspect offers an ideal middle ground for float without too much drag so you can keep up your speed and connect on every wave available.

For our eFoils, this wing will give you serious ride time. Just try to run down a full battery on these, we dare you.

Aspect Ratio: 6.8

Area: 200 in ^2 / 1290 cm^2


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High Aspect Wing 200

The high aspect wing 200 is outstanding. It extends your e-foil battery time and allows you to make sharp turns. I highly recommend it.

Bob A.
United States United States

Fun wing with LONG ride-time on an eFoil

I found this wing to be a little more challenging for eFoiling than the standard surf wings, but the ride time is significantly longer. Pair this wing with a folding prop (or remove the prop guard on the regular prop) and 2 hours or more of ride time will be possible. I'm looking forward to trying this in the surf and behind a wakeboat.

John P.
United States United States

Glide like no other

The 200HA was my first HA wing. I came off the Armstrong gear- 1550 and 1850. I was looking for something that would help me up my pump game. Well first session... OMG. Became a pump expert overnight! I never felt this combo of lift and glide on anything else. Even though the 200HA isn’t in the surf category of the Surf 200 V2, it is still quite surfy and smooth. Lift found a great trade off on span, surface area, and still actually feels good to rip a turn. I love this wing for prone but REALLY love this wing for wing foiling! I can catch almost any bump and just go forever. And when I do drop in on a proper wave the rail to rail action is exhilarating! One more pro tip- I also own the 250HA and was surprised at the overlap. The 250 does have more low end but not as much as I thought. The 200 HA is my go to for Prone and Wing foiling. Keep it up Lift! I am 200 lbs and ride the Texas Gulf Coast for the record.