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High Aspect Wing – 170 Front


Fast, efficient

A great all around wing for multiple disciplines

Additional information

The little brother to the Lift 200 HA, with more speed and more efficiency. 170 Square inches of surface area, 37” wing span. This is a shop favorite that demands a little bit of practice, but will be your absolute favorite wing for all disciplines. It’s fast, it turns and it pumps as if you had a motor below your board (also available for sale ;).

For eFoiling this wing offers top efficiency and runs pretty quick. It certainly takes some practice, but is extremely gratifying when you become familiar with it. Definitely a shop favorite.

Aspect Ratio: 8.1

Area: 170 in ^2 / 1095 cm^2


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Cory H.
United States United States
Best wake foiling wing on the planet!

Incredible. It's not as fast as the 120HA, but it works better on a lake when you may lose some speed pumping across the propwash to get the backside wake or whatever. Nothing is more fun in all situations - from dock-starts in flat water to the first wave on a heavily loaded boat, this wing is incredible!