eFoil 5’0″ Sport


A bestseller that’s the perfect size to do anything you want on the water.

Slightly more challenging for eFoil beginners, but you’ll appreciate its sporty size after a few hours of practice.

The 5’0 eFoil typically ships in 3 days.


110 Classic – High speed and loose feel.
170 Classic – Blend of speed and maneuverability.
200 Classic – Best all round wing for efficiency and performance.
250 Surf – Superior lift and stability.

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Your eFoil order includes the board, foil, wing, strut, hand-controller, removable/rechargeable battery for the eFoil, battery charger, cleaning kit, toolkit, manual, quick start guide and cases for safe transport of all included items. Prices in the UK, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Australia and New Zealand include shipping, tax and duties.


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Weight 60 kg