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4’0″ x 28L Foil Surf Board


Mast: Pair this board with a 28” or 32” mast, depending on wave size.

Wings: Try the 100, 150, 200 Surf. All high aspect wings work amazingly well with this board.

All around fun: 28” Mast / 170 HA / 32 Glide.

For the pros: 32” mast / 120 HA / 25 Glide.


Additional information

This is our pro board, designed to do it all. Its compact size makes the ride feel extremely agile and light while allowing you to pump more efficiently. Meanwhile, its 28 liter volume gives you enough floatation to paddle and catch an array of waves. This board also comes with strap inserts, just in case you want to get radical and get some air time.

A personal favorite for all Lift team riders.