Lift Foils – Questions from the Community

In an emailer earlier this year, we put out an open ask for questions. We’ve recapped a number of the common ones below, we hope you find it helpful! As always, don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any future inquiries.

What is the best classic foil setup for the gulf or Intercoastal?
We recommend our high aspect wings and 28/32″ masts for waves with less power in these kinds of areas.

How to see the power left in the handheld unit with the latest eFoil update?
On the latest controller update, on the main screen is a battery icon with a number which indicates the state of charge of the main traction battery.

In what way is removing the prop guard on the eFoil a different experience?
Removing the prop guard and replacing with a tail cone will reduce drag and improve battery life by at least 35%. It is also a smoother and more powerful ride.

Are there going to be mid aspect wings coming out?
Hell yeah! We have lots of new toys coming soon— be on the look out in the new year.

Any suggestions on recovery from getting too high on the foil so that the motor comes out of water?
If the prop breaches the water, you can keep the power on and lean forward to bring the nose down. If you let off the throttle, you will go “over the handle bars” so to speak.

What is the difference between Lift and other eFoils on the market?
Our product is more durable, more refined, and better performing. It comes from people that live in the sport, who build product for themselves. The construction, control and performance far surpasses that of the competition. We get this question a lot, along with questions about cost, so we’ve put together a longer list about what we feel makes Lift the clear choice for eFoils and classic foils.

• 10 years of constantly evolving hydrofoil refinement: We’ve been building eFoils the longest, we’ve been riding them the longest, and along the way we’ve been creating a community of riders from the top surfers on earth to casual riders who give us continual, critical feedback. Our products are always the most evolved version of that product that is on the market.

Superior electronic control: One of the accomplishments we’re most proud of is the smooth thread of communication between the battery, the motor, and the hand controller of your eFoil. The finesse of your ride works with the response time and the resolution of a human reflex. Whether you’re looking to just cruise or you want to tow a person into 50 MPH winds with total control, the power, throttle, and immediate response time of your equipment outperform that of all other equipment on the market.

• Premium materials, premium craftsmanship, premium construction: Lift products are not cheap, but it’s because we don’t cut any corners. We know you’re making an investment, more than just a purchase, and every decision that goes into putting together your gear is made with durability and reliability in mind. We use as few mechanical components as possible to minimize the amount of parts that can wear down. Our composite construction is the strongest in the industry. You can accidentally hit or be hit by something or be the type of person that’s consistently pushing their equipment to the limit. It doesn’t matter. Your equipment will hold up. We guarantee it.

• Full range of products and accessories: You want to ride around with your kids or show your friends how to get up and fly in thirty minutes? We have a board for that. You want to carve turns like a pro? We have a board for that. Want to give a new edge to your foiling experience? Switch up the wing combinations. Want to glide into the open ocean without being powered by a motor? We got you. Whether you’re just starting with foiling or you’ve been doing it for ages, we have something to take you to the next level of your never ending thirst for thrills.

• Superior customer service: Because of our tireless search for the most fine-tuned foiling experience, we are constantly taking our riders’ feedback into consideration. You want to tell us what you think? We’re eager to know. You have a question for us? We’re always here to answer it. We like to think the lines between our customers and ourselves are blurred, since we ourselves use the products we design. If you want it, we probably want it too. We are never not planning the next update or product generation.


Thanks to everyone who submitted questions! We also got a lot of inquiries about downwinding, which we’re handling in a specific article we’ll have coming soon.