Lift Team


arrowLift’s team bring years of experience in foiling, manufacturing, product innovation and building global brands to the watersports industry. Our passion and experience is what has helped Lift separate ourselves from the industry and establish a higher standard in foiling.



As an engineer and avid surfer in Puerto Rico, Nick brought his dream to reality: creating the world’s first eFoil surf board.

Michael Leason


Michael Leason is the cofounder of Lift, and a seasoned entrepreneur with an extensive manufacturing background. He and Nick developed the eFoil from concept to prototype to mass-production reality, while maintaining Lift’s values of quality and community.

Steward Wagner

Chief Financial Officer

Steward Wagner is Lift’s CFO. Stew brings 25+ years of successful experience improving production and operational profitability thought experience at Honeywell, Circle L Roofing and Ameritex Technologies. Under his leadership, Lift has scaled efficiently as we’ve released new eFoil generations.

Mario Alvisi

VP Sales & Marketing

Mario Alvisi is a sales, marketing and product visionary with an extensive background building global brands at Ducati, Alfa Romeo, Abarth and Deus Ex Machina. At Lift, he’s developing the infrastructure to support our vision of eFoiling as a global sport.

Stephen Willes

Head of Engineering

Stephen Willes is Lift’s head of Engineering. Stephen brings 20 years of product development experience to the Lift Team, from start-ups to large organizations. Stephen focuses on the strategy and systems which support the efficient execution of product development and delivery of Lift’s ultra-high quality customer experience.