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Interview with a Lift Affiliate: Paula Ambrosio

We wanted to hear from some of our partners about what it’s like to give demos and introduce people to the awesome experience of foiling with the Lift eFoil. Here’s what Paula Ambrosio from E-FoilUSA in Miami, FL had to say.

Hey Paula, tell us about how you heard about foiling, and when you first tried the eFoil.

My first experience with foiling was probably back in 2002. I wanted to try kite foiling, but it just looked extremely difficult, so I watched my husband crash and burn for a while and thought, “Oh well, I guess I won’t be foiling.” Fast forward 17 years and thanks to Damien Leroy, I had a much nicer experience trying foiling for the first time on the Lift eFoil. I was instantly hooked! 

How long have you been a Lift affiliate? Why did this seem like a great opportunity?

We partnered with Lift this year, and we’re now busier than ever. Since the addition, we have gained new customers and, most importantly, been able to reach out to previous customers who are eager to learn a new skill and get back out on the water, especially during the summer months, when wind and waves aren’t accessible in South Florida. 

What has your experience with the Lift eFoil been like? How do you see eFoil pushing boundaries in terms of people’s experiences over the water?

I’m really excited to be a part of the Lift family. Nick and his team go above and beyond, always keeping us involved and informed. The eFoil has appealed to windsurfers, kiters, surfers, and novices, allowing us to expand our horizons and introduce a large number of our customers to the sport in a safe, fun, and exciting way. 

What kinds of reactions are you seeing in your community and with riders?

I have gotten so much positive feedback from our customers from how much they love the product to how exciting it is to learn to foil. We have students of all ages come out and learn and return for a second and third time with their friends. For instance, we had a client vacationing in Miami from the UK, and he and his son booked lessons for the entire two weeks they were here. We went to a few different spots and they basically got to experience the most popular sight-seeing destinations from the water. It was quite an adventure and they really enjoyed learning a new sport together while exploring the city.

How does your location in Miami offer something unique in terms of rider experiences on the eFoil?

Miami is unlike any other town. We have some of the most picturesque scenery. Our lessons are taught in a protected, flat water basin surrounded by mangroves on one side and the bright city background behind us. It’s ideal for riders of most levels to improve their technique and we’re only a few minutes away from fun-packed sand bars, the Brickell Bay boardwalk, and South Beach islands. It definitely makes for a unique experience, being surrounded by nature but with a Miami twist!