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Get to know the Lift team

Passion runs in the family: get to know the Lift team

While founder Nick Leason had the original vision for Lift and the eFoil, there’s a whole crew of passionate people supporting the company’s mission to bring foiling to as many people as possible. Read on to hear from some of Lift’s team members about their unique experiences fine-tuning the eFoil, how they like to foil, and more.

Damien LeRoy, Sales and Professional Athlete 

What’s it like working with Lift?

It’s a dream job to work for a family-operated business. The Lift family really takes the time to listen to customers and affiliates to help ensure better experiences for anyone coming their way. It’s a great workplace that’s always focused on having fun and making sure that the customer is too.

How did you hear about the eFoil and what was it like working on the first iterations?

I think I was one of the first to hear about it. I remember a few of us sitting in a hot tub in Puerto Rico with the Lift family, having a few beers after an incredible kite foil session, and the electric foil idea came up. It escalated quickly! 

The first generations were really incredible, honestly. There were ups and downs for sure—let’s just say a few broken units. I ripped the whole bottom propulsion unit off the first board by striking bottom during a river test. Every day was exciting as each part got perfected. 

How is Lift pushing foiling forward, and what do you think makes the eFoil so innovative?

Lift has been innovating since the beginning and will always be working on new and exciting things! In fact, there’s already something big in the works… What makes the eFoil unique and innovative is the fact that anyone can do it! Simple as that.

What have been some of your favorite foiling experiences?

There are so many! Some of the most exciting experiences involved being among the first few people to kite on a foil from Florida to the Bahamas. Or helping celebrities like Will Smith find their love for foiling. 

Alan Vaughan, Purchasing and Supply Chain

What do you do for Lift, and what’s your favorite part?

I work in the brand’s day-to-day operations, talking to vendors and customers alike. My days are long and chaotic, but like God in the creation, I strive to erect chaos from the abyss without falling into it myself. I enjoy talking to customers to help them pick out the best eFoil setup for their age and ability and working with vendors to find creative solutions around the parts we purchase and supply chains. I also enjoy working with our production operators to implement lean manufacturing practices.

How did you start working with Lift, and when did you first hear about the eFoil?

I moved to Puerto Rico from Texas right before Christmas 2012 and started working with MHL Custom/Lift in February 2013. I was always the oddball in the bunch as I don’t come from a surfing or water sports background. I saw the entire eFoil process from day one back in 2015. It involved a lot of R&D and building prototypes only to break them in order to discover the questions that no one knew to askand then working on the answers.

What makes the Lift eFoil so unique?

It’s an original creation. Very little was available off the shelf as far as base level parts go, so a lot of engineering went into just making the idea come to life. All of our components are the highest quality, and the ride is fine-tuned because of our years of building and designing foils, plus Nick’s surfing background. Customers have told me that they’ve tried other electric hydrofoil boards, and they always come back to the Lift eFoilit just rides smoother and feels more natural in the water. You can’t copy-paste that kind of experience, and ours has it in its DNA.

What have been some of your favorite foiling experiences?

Solo missions after work, either testing new wing combos or just for stress relief. My favorite experience was riding solo in a crazy lightning storm a mile off the shore and seeing a black wall of rain to my right, rainbows in front of me, and flying fish all around me.

Ricardo Villanueva, Sales

What’s it like working with Lift, and what’s your favorite part?

I work alongside our team of reps and Affiliates to build the Lift Sales Network. I enjoy working with such a diverse group of people who are all passionate about foiling and spreading the love. It’s exciting to be at the forefront of a new sport.

How and when did you come to foiling and to working with Lift?

I’ve been a friend of the family for years and was always intrigued by the foils Nick was building. After riding them in the waves and seeing the evolution of the product from basic surf and kite foils to the eFoil, I was converted. Since I have a sales background, it was only a matter of time before we started working together.

How is Lift pushing foiling forward, and what makes the eFoil so unique?

Being able to refine, test, and repeat in our own backyard allows us to constantly improve and push the envelope. The eFoil enables anyone to ride over water, any place, any time. You feel like you’re flying above the surface of the water like a bird at incredible speeds. Then you start turning, and it truly feels like you’re carving a big turn in powder or pushing through a full rail cutback surfing on a solid wave. Being able to replicate these feelings with an electric-powered board, sometimes miles from the ocean or on a river or a lake, is incredible. Best of all, the eFoil poses no threat to the environment. Plus it’s quiet, and you can take it with you anywhere you go.

What have some of your favorite foiling experiences been?

Towing into the surf and open ocean swells with the eFoil and a surf foil is hard to beat. I really just enjoy the freedom of cruising and exploring.