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The Future of Water Sports - Lift Foils

The Future of Water Sports

How technology is changing water sports and why Lift is at the forefront of the revolution

It’s difficult to think of any industry that isn’t rapidly changing thanks to constant advancements in tech, and sports is no exception. Water sports, in particular, have seen major advancements because of various exciting innovations in tech. The advent of electric foiling, in which riders of all capabilities can lift above the water on a board attached to a mast with a motorized propeller system (otherwise known as the eFoil, which was pioneered by Puerto Rico-based company called Lift), has opened up an extreme sensation, previously reserved for professional surfers, to anyone who wants to try it.  

Along with making incredible water sports experiences more accessible, tech has made them safer and more precise. For instance, the Lift eFoil has a Bluetooth hand controller that gives the rider total control over their speed. If the rider releases the control, or if the controller is submerged in water, the motor automatically stops. Lift’s controller is also equipped to indicate when the foil’s battery is losing charge so that a rider can get safely back to dry land. Along with a fully submersible battery (or as Lift founder Nick Leason calls it, “17 miles of power for flying packed into a tight little black box”), the eFoil depends on five computers with individual software, all communicating together, to ensure the best rider experience. This hi-tech system is a big development in a sport that previously required a highly-skilled rider to rely on unpredictable waves and water conditions in order to propel themselves in the water.

Technology has also led to an evolution in the way people can follow and interact with water sports communities. Social media pulls more people into the conversation every day, and better Go Pro and drone tech has led to riveting, beautiful content that captures experiences like never before. A forward-thinking company today focuses on connecting people, creating spaces on social media where people from all over the world can connect. For Lift, an active presence means foiling fans and owners alike get up-to-date news, tips, inspiration, and ideas.

Consumers and companies alike have become increasingly environmentally conscious, and respecting the environment, especially oceans and waterways, has become a shared priority. It’s crucial that water sports companies take the environment into consideration as they develop products, and Lift has been a pioneer in this area. The eFoil, with its electric propulsion system, is a silent, emission- and pollutant-free watercraft so that riders can explore nature without disturbing it.

As tech evolves, it changes the way we think about and participate in our favorite sports. Companies that embrace and integrate high-tech features into their products can offer safety, more meaningful connections with fans, and more environmentally-friendly experiences. With Lift’s eFoil, technological advancements have contributed to a brand new water sport, open to anyone who wants to experience the thrill and sensation of flight above the water.